Whole School Approach to RSHE Training & Support- Secondary

‘The default assumption should be this: sexual harassment is affecting a substantial proportion of children in any given school or college’. Amanda Spielman, Ofsted Chief Inspector
In the OFSTED review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges, published on 10th June 2021, children and young people told inspectors that sexual harassment and online sexual abuse are such a routine part of their daily lives they don’t see any point in challenging or reporting it.

As a designated DfE RSHE Hub for primary and secondary schools, South Farnham School has supported over 800 teachers from 600+ schools across the south of England this year to deliver this statutory, specialist area of the curriculum, dealing with complex and sensitive issues. From September, we will continue to deliver this phase specific training, updated to focus on Ofsted’s review of sexual abuse, to consider a whole-school approach to addressing issues and creating a culture where sexual harassment is not tolerated.

This session is training for teachers who teach RSHE to further developer their skills.

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Day 1: 16 September 2021

Day 2: 14 October 2021

Day 3: 4 November 2021

Day 4: 25 November 2021

Day 5: 9 December 2021

Day 6: 6 January 2022

Day 7: 27 January 2022

Day 8: 10 February 2022

Day 9: 3 March 2022

Day 10: 17 March 2022

Start time: 16:00 GMT

End time: 17:30 GMT

Venue: Zoom