Whole Education SEND online CPD sessions

WE Send are offering a variety of free sessions to our Surrey Schools. To find out more about the Whole Education SEND network please click here.

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Wednesday 3rd November – Working with learners and families
Gareth Morewood, is Educational Advisor for Studio III (www.studio3.org) and worked for 25 years in U.K. schools; the last 17 of which were as SENCo. He will share some of the strategies he has found effective when working with learners and their families.

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Monday 6th December – The role of the SEND leader in High Quality Teaching
Author of The Perfect SENCO and The Teachers’ Guide to SEN, Natalie Packer has a wealth of experience in SEND leadership. Natalie will explore:
● What is meant by inclusive HQT?
● What works: an evidence-based approach to HQT?
● How SEND leaders can support colleagues to embed inclusive HQT in the classroom?

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Wednesday 12th January – Provision Mapping
Abigail Hawkins was a SENDCO for nearly 25 years of her teaching career and is experienced in leading SEN reviews in schools to establish the strengths and areas for development. This session will explore what effective provision mapping looks like.

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Thursday 10th February – Maximising the impact of Teaching Assistants
Matthew Parker (MITA) delivers the MITA school improvement course for school leaders and Maximising the Practice of TAs training for school staff. This session is open to all staff teams, and will be particularly useful for SENCos, LSAs and TAs.

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Tuesday 8th March – Intent: developing a strategy to improve outcomes for the most vulnerable
Marc Rowland is a nationally recognised expert on Pupil Premium and disadvantage. In this session Marc will explore the importance of having a clearly defined ‘intent’ for supporting vulnerable learners.

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Tuesday 26th April – An inclusive approach to assessment
In her second session of the series, Natalie Packer will share her experience of:
● The principles of an inclusive approach to assessment
● A holistic model for SEND assessment and progress
● Examples of useful tools for the assessment of pupils with SEND

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Event Details

Day 1: 6 December 2021

Day 2: 12 January 2022

Day 3: 10 February 2022

Day 4: 8 March 2022

Day 5: 26 April 2022

Venue: Zoom