Transition EYFS into KS1 for Leaders with Julie Fisher

This two-webinar course led by renowned EYFS advisor, Professor Julie Fisher, will enable KS1 teachers to ‘build on’ effective practice in the Foundation Stage rather than just ‘getting ready’ for the next stage. It considers how young children learn best and the implications of this for teaching strategies in the KS1 classroom.

It addresses how the learning day can be organised to accommodate a balance between adult-led and child-led learning, and examines how the role of the adult subtly shifts to support both contexts.

We encourage both EYFS and KS1 Phase Leaders to attend this course together to develop a joint approach.

Julie Fisher is an independent Early Years Adviser and visiting Professor of Early Childhood Education at Oxford Brookes University. She held the post of Early Years Adviser in Oxfordshire for 11 years, before which she was lecturer in early childhood education at the University of Reading. She has taught children from 3 to 12 years of age and has been headteacher of two urban, multi-cultural schools.

Julie has been the national Chair of a number of early years organisations including the National Association of Early Years Inspectors, Advisers and Consultants and the national Early Childhood Forum. In her work, she draws on her own research projects which engage her in constant contact with practitioners and children in both schools and settings. She is a well-known and respected author whose books include ‘Starting from the Child’ (4th edn 2013); ‘The Foundations of Learning’ (2002); ‘Interacting or Interfering?’ (2016) and ‘Moving On to Key Stage One’ (2nd edn 2020).

Julie has achieved a doctorate for her research into the changing role of early childhood educators. She is also a recipient of the Nursery World Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution to early childhood education.

Subscribers: £120
Non- Subscribers: £145 per school for complete programme.
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Event Details

1 1: 19 May 2021

1 2: 9 June 2021

Start time: 13:00 GMT

End time: 15:30 GMT

Venue: Zoom