Spotlight: Governors Responding to the Sexual Harassment Report

Following Ofsted’s Review of Sexual Abuse in Schools Report of 10 June 2021, SAfE met with partners including Surrey County Council and Surrey’s Phase Councils to discuss how to support schools’ response. This session will explore how you as a governor can ensure that your school is responding appropriately to the recommendations of the report.

This governor session is part of a wider training programme on the issue, that includes training sessions for Safeguarding Leads, for RSHE Leads and for primary schools to work with parents, families and the community when delivering the RSE curriculum have been organised by SAfE and funded by Surrey County Council.

Intended impact on practice:
• Will give Governors an understanding of the Ofsted Review of Sexual Abuse in Schools 2021 for governors.
• Will give Governors an understanding of what a good response might look like, so that they can apply principals to their particular settings.
• Helping Governors to understand how to triangulate what they are told by the school on this issue – ‘how do I know there is a culture of respect in my school?’
• Ensuring that processes take into account the needs of pupils with SEND, those from target group such as those listed as protected characteristics in the 2010 Equalities Act, or those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Intended impact on pupil outcomes:
• To help governors ensure a culture of respect within school where pupils and the wider school community understand what is appropriate behaviour, and know what to do and who to go to if they feel uncomfortable about anything.

Intended outcomes for disadvantaged pupils:
• Processes take into account particular needs of these pupils that may be differ from the needs of the wider pupil community.
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*This event is open to Surrey LA only*

Event Details

Date: 18 November 2021

Start time: 10:00 GMT

End time: 11:00 GMT

Venue: Zoom