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Raising Outcomes for Disadvantaged Learners with Marc Rowland

All Surrey Secondary Schools’ Headteachers, Chairs of Governors and Pupil Premium Leads are warmly invited to this celebration event; whether or not you have participated in this 2021-22 project. It is the culmination of a year-long project between SAfE, Surrey Secondary Schools and Marc Rowland, working in partnership to better understand and narrow the learning gap for disadvantaged pupils.  

The beliefs, knowledge, understanding and/or teaching practices this programme aims to address:

  • Marc Rowland will share his research findings from work in Surrey Secondary Schools over the past year, which will provide an expert insight into understanding the ‘Surreycentric’ issues around the impact of socio-economic disadvantage on learning.
  • The case studies will reveal how two schools addressed different issues; high expectations and impact of quality first teaching.  This will highlight the process of leading change from identification of a high leverage issue to embedding improved practice so that disadvantaged learners benefit.


Intended Impact on practice:

  • Having a Surrey specific view on the key issues around learning for students affected by socio-economic disadvantage will equip school leaders with even sharper tools to understand and address this issue in their own settings.


Intended improvement and/or evaluation of impact for pupils, including those with SEND and/or disadvantaged backgrounds:

  • By learning about specific issues, and gaining insight into how two schools addressed some of these, school leaders will be able to learn and reflect upon the impact of their own provision, and be able to develop their PP strategy.

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Event Details

Date: 27 June 2022

Start time: 09:00 a.m. BST

End time: 12:00 p.m. BST

Venue: St John the Baptists School

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