Primary Science: Teaching the Tricky Bits


Ofsted’s subject review in science found that teachers often have insufficient content knowledge and revealed that ‘many primary school teachers have the same scientific misconceptions as their pupils.’ They state that is essential for teachers to have access to high-quality subject-specific CPD. These sessions will help teachers to develop strong content knowledge so that they can give clear explanations and address pupils’ misconceptions. Content knowledge will also be linked to practical work and disciplinary knowledge.

All sessions will be carried out as face to face training at Bansted Prep School to allow participants practical professional learning.

Each session will cover a different aspect of the Programmes of Study:
• Forces (with links to Earth and space)
• States of matter
• Sound and Light
• Electricity

Each of these sessions will follow the same steps. These are:
1. A brief overview of the National Curriculum statements for this topic(s) and its progression from KS1 onwards. (10-15 minutes)
2. A short session covering the key knowledge/vocabulary needed by teachers. (15-20 minutes)
3. Some examples of activities to develop key knowledge and how working scientifically skills could be developed through these activities. (30 minutes)

4. A chance to examine apparatus and try some more activities. An opportunity to network, ask questions and discuss next steps. (45 mins)

Schools book the whole programme and then choose which teacher will attend each session depending on the content and year groups teaching that content.

Intended Impact on practice:
• Improved teacher confidence and content knowledge
• Increased ability to provide clear explanations to teach scientific concepts
Intended impact on pupil outcomes:
• Address pupils’ misconceptions in science
Intended outcomes for disadvantaged pupils:
• Address pupils’ misconceptions in science


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Event Details

1 1: 31 January 2022

1 2: 21 February 2022

1 3: 14 March 2022

1 4: 28 March 2022

Start time: 14:00 GMT

End time: 16:00 GMT

Venue: Banstead Prep School, Sutton Lane, Banstead, Surrey SM7 3RA

Directions: Banstead Prep School, Sutton Lane, Banstead, Surrey SM7 3RA

Phone: 01737 363601

Email: Stella Clark, Subject Leader, Science.