Primary Book Review Network

With reading for pleasure a priority for many schools, this series of meetings is an opportunity to hear about and share high quality book recommendations for use in primary schools. Within each session, teachers will have an opportunity to hear about new and upcoming books; learn about useful links and places to find book recommendations and share their own ideas! Each session will finish with a ‘book club’ where we can discuss a novel and picture book that we have all read.

Suitable for: Literacy Coordinators, Reading Leads, staff who oversee a library, any teacher who is enthusiastic about books or wishes to improve their knowledge of books for children.


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*This event is open to Surrey LA only*

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Event Details

Day 1: 14 September 2021

Day 2: 9 November 2021

Day 3: 11 January 2022

Day 4: 1 March 2022

Day 5: 26 April 2022

Day 6: 14 June 2022

Start time: 15:45 BST

End time: 16:30 BST

Venue: Zoom