High Impact Teaching – Primary Art

Led by AccessArt, the two sessions will develop the subject knowledge of art subject leaders to enable them to provide an expertly planned and sequenced art curriculum. Those attending the sessions will then feel confident to lead art CPD in their own schools and further support all staff. The two sessions will look at:

  • Journeyful teaching & learning (sequencing)
  • Drawing & sketchbooks to underpin all creativity
  • Progression / Assessment

Intended Impact on practice:

  • Delegates will be confident to plan purposeful practical work that is linked to curriculum content and sequenced so that it develops pupils’ knowledge after initial explicit instruction.
  • Delegates will feel confident to teach and plan art and support others to do so.
  • The art curriculum being delivered in school will be suited to the needs of Ofsted and the pupils.
  • Delegates will understand progression within art and how to assess pupils effectively

Intended impact on pupil outcomes:

·         Raise standards in art

·         Prepare pupils to succeed in art in KS3

Intended outcomes for disadvantaged pupils:

·         A focus on vocabulary and practical skills will allow disadvantaged pupils to make accelerated progress


Subscriber: £80

Non-Subscriber: £100


£100.00 Excl. VAT

Event Details

Day 1: 23 May 2022
Start time: 15:45
End time: 17:00

Day 2: 11 July 2022
Start time: 15:45
End time: 17:00

Start time: 15:45 BST

End time: 17:00 BST

Venue: Zoom